H. Marie Murphy         Alternative Abstraction Acrylic and Pastel Paintings on Canvas and Paper   
       (click image to enlarge)       
Painting-Organics -Facing Totality- Emanations Painting-Sunset 2 Painting--Acrylic-AbstractRiver Bend Painting--Acrylic-AbstractWingin It 2 Painting-Sunrise 3 Painting--Acrylic-AbstractLandscape 2
Painting-Energy Extended Painting--Acrylic-AbstractOrganics A Celebration Painting--Acrylic-AbstractOrganics A Joy Painting--Acrylic-AbstractOrganics Roots 2 Painting--Acrylic-AbstractHymalyan White 111 Painting--Acrylic-AbstractComposition in Orange
Painting--Acrylic-AbstractOrganics Just Hangin Out


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